Why have a wedding video?

As many married couples can attest, your wedding day is so hectic that much of it will go by in an instant. Although photos are a good way to capture individual key moments on your big day, if you desire to create a memory of your day from start to finish then it’s best to hire a wedding videographer.
By having your marriage ceremony and reception filmed, you’ll be able to relive every second of the day and view each magical moment in its entirety. Long after the gifts are unwrapped, the honeymoon has ended, and the newness of marriage has worn off, you both will have everlasting memories of the most significant day of your life together via your wedding video.
“Getting a wedding videographer wasn’t something we first thought of, but we are so glad we did because no photo can capture as much emotion as a video can. Our Wedding video turned out fantastic we saw things we would have missed otherwise. The video messages at the end was a nice little touch.  – Lauran & Ian
“We are so glad we booked you, the memories that are captured by you on film are so much richer and stronger than a photo, no matter how good the photographer! Having a wedding videographer is something that we both debated, and in the end, we followed the advice from a lot of wedding blogs, which is that you get something special from re-watching your wedding day. – Sarah & Jon
Our wedding videos always capture the excitement and emotion of the day. From the ceremony and the speeches to the first dance.
Included in packages are our highlights video. Please take a look at the highlights below to see some of our most recent videos.

Weddings are one of the most important days of your life. You spend months planning and preparing for this one day and before you know it, it flashes by. One way to look back at this magical day is through your wedding photos, but what if there was another way to relive the moment? Wedding photos are only a snapshot of one specific moment, whereas a video is an entire moment. A video gives you a whole new way to relive your wedding.

With a video, you are able to experience things that you would not be able to do with just a photo. You get to hear the vows and witness them as though you are a guest at your own wedding. You also are able to hear the toasts which hold so much emotion that a picture just cannot capture. Not only is it a different way to view your wedding, but it can also collect moments you may not see. For example, imagine a picture of your guests laughing at your reception. With a photo, you only see them laughing. However, with video, you understand why they are laughing and have the chance to be a part of that moment. A video captures the entirety of that point in time.

Share Your Wedding Day Memories

Having a video of your wedding allows you to share your special day with friends and family, specifically those who couldn’t make it to the actual ceremony.


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