I don’t write much in these blogs, I tend to let the images and video do all the talking for me. With every other summer weekend of 2020 booked up with weddings, I didn’t plan much for spending time at home.

I am so thankful that we have managed to reschedule all of our weddings this year. And I am enjoying all the extra ideas that our couples are having, especially now we have even more time to prepare.

As of today, we should have been 7 weddings into our season and fully up to speed with all the excitement and creativity that a wedding day brings. Not to mention the tasty food and refreshing drink!

Instead, I am thankful that I have been at home and watched my bum shuffling son take his first steps (at 22 months old). Watched him and his super proud mum high five each other in celebration.

Converted the home studio into a temporary cinema room, sat as a family eating pizza watching Disney movies.

Taking plenty of photos and video of my family whilst trying to be as creative as possible, attempting to parent at the same time.

I really can’t wait for us all to be able to celebrate love, life and happiness together, but I feel very lucky to celebrate right now, all these mini-events with my very own little family.

Stay safe everyone. X

Nottingham based Wedding Photographer and Video who also dabbles in family portraits when he is not shooting weddings, head on over to his family portfolio for a nosy.