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My Son must think my camera is permanently stuck to my eye

Being stuck at home and slow living for the first few weeks of lockdown was bliss. Then came the urge for home improvements.

I stood in the lines at B+Q patiently waiting to pick up some new paint and plant pots.

There was no planning, just pure intent to do something, anything but sit and watch tv.

I fixed the wobbly bannister, the cupboard door and the lining around the shower. It soon became a hunt for more improvements to be made.

I must have annoyed my wife with my constant searching for things to do and there were only so many photos I could take of my 2-year-old before he got sick of me snapping away.

I found a bag of Ollie’s old toys and stuffed teddies and purchased some modelling wire and decided to take pictures that wouldn’t be annoyed with my constant changing of settings and pose.

I was happy with my new photo companion, and all was going well… that was until Ollie wanted his teddy back ūüôĀ

Note to self. Next time wait for Ollie to go to bed.

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Father Daughter first reveal

The moment when the groom sees his bride walking down the aisle will always be a must-have photo, but for me, my favourite time is when the father-daughter first look happens.

The prep is all over, and with the bridesmaids, ushered away, the first look between Father and Daughter has me beaming from ear to ear, not to mention one of the most powerfully emotional parts of the day.

The first look is one of those moments where the Father will let his guard down and all those emotions will come flooding out.

By ushering out everyone from the room will encourage that split second tender moment that I love to capture even with the hardest of Fathers. They always give in to the moment, and it is glorious.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of the big day, but taking a first look photo with your father can help you relax and feel a little less anxious before the wedding begins, plus it can be very symbolic since it‚Äôs a longstanding tradition for the father and bride to share a moment before the ceremony.

I simply love this moment.

Swiftly followed by all the bridesmaids to pick you up again.

Nottingham based Wedding Photographer and Video who also dabbles in family portraits when he is not shooting weddings, head on over to his family portfolio for a nosy.
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Covid-19 & Memory Box Weddings

I don’t write much in these blogs, I tend to let the images and video do all the talking for me. With every other summer weekend of 2020 booked up with weddings, I didn’t plan much for spending time at home.

I am so thankful that we have managed to reschedule all of our weddings this year. And I am enjoying all the extra ideas that our couples are having, especially now we have even more time to prepare.

As of today, we should have been 7 weddings into our season and fully up to speed with all the excitement and creativity that a wedding day brings. Not to mention the tasty food and refreshing drink!

Instead, I am thankful that I have been at home and watched my bum shuffling son take his first steps (at 22 months old). Watched him and his super proud mum high five each other in celebration.

Converted the home studio into a temporary cinema room, sat as a family eating pizza watching Disney movies.

Taking plenty of photos and video of my family whilst trying to be as creative as possible, attempting to parent at the same time.

I really can’t wait for us all to be able to celebrate love, life and happiness together, but I feel very lucky to celebrate right now, all these mini-events with my very own little family.

Stay safe everyone. X

Nottingham based Wedding Photographer and Video who also dabbles in family portraits when he is not shooting weddings, head on over to his family portfolio for a nosy.

Nottingham Wedding Photography

Why film your wedding? (updated)

nottingham wedding photographer
Nottingham Wedding Photographer

It has been a while since I have updated the blog.

What with Wedding Season fast approaching I have often had conversations with past brides that wished they had their big day filmed. One of the biggest regrets is not having the day filmed.

If you ask almost any bride what she remembers about her special day she will probably tell you that it all went by so fast that most of it was just one big blur.

There are things that you just miss on the day that a videographer can capture for you. Least of all the ceremony, and walking down the aisle from the perspective of your guests.

Photography is so important but it doesn’t capture the sounds and excitement of the day like video does.

My last post was about the importance of physical photos to go over with your Grand Children. But what if you had a video to accompany that. To relieve the speeches and all the nice words your friends and family had to say. The first dance and the pure love and emotion of the day.

The wedding film is the ultimate way of encapsulating the very essence of your very special day. From the couples first look at the alter (which might I add is a truly magical experience to witness), but imagine that in film. From the deep intake of breath and wedding vows to the first kiss. Not to mention the immense joy of your family and friends.

The day is really over in a flash. And if you wanted to relieve every moment in detail again I think Wedding Video is a must.

But I am a wedding videographer after all. Don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at our reviews page and scroll through all the comments about the video we offer.

Wedding Reviews

We still have dates available and very happy to meet and chat about what we can do for your wedding day. Remember it is one of the happiest days of your life.

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We also offer combined photo and video for your day in one man crews. You will receive a highlights video with your photography package. Contact us for availability and a quote.

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Family Portraits

Since becoming a Daddy, I have found it all the more important to have my camera, capturing my son growing up.

The last 5 months have flown by and he has changed so much.

Growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s we didn’t have internet, let alone platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The only photos I have of my own Mum and Dad are blurry and discolored. Sadly, my Dad passed away when I was 21. He didn’t get a chance to meet my family but I do hope I am able to look through these old Polaroids with my Son one day. There is something magical about looking through physical photographs, it is a lot more personal and often carry funny stories about how Dad stubbed his toe or Mum burnt the roast for the time it took to pose for the photo.

As I look through the albums and take note we only ever took photos at special occasions, Christmas, birthdays or that holiday at the coast playing the 2p machines.

All these memories will be treasured forever, but with the photos aging and fading fast, I worry how long they will last. I don’t have the negatives. The new digital age means we can save our photos to the cloud or social networks where they should be safe forever.

I am a firm believer in not just making memories but, our photographs should outlive us, they last for generations.  They matter because they freeze moments of our lives which can pass by in an instant.

Photographs grab our attention and speak directly to our emotions. Our images can express joy and excitement, tears or happiness.

These photographs are what tell our stories long after we are gone.

Laura and David Wyatt Breadsall Priory Marriott

I met David whilst on a friends Stag do… one of the friendliest and easy going people I have met. As I only knew a couple of people on the stag do Dave and Chris (whom ended up Dave’s Best man) made me feel so welcome into their group of friends.

And that is exactly how it was when he asked me to film and photograph his wedding. Memory Box didn’t just feel as though we were working the wedding, we felt very much part of the wedding. That is just how we like it. It made for an easy going experience and from the highlights videos you can see how the venue complimented the happy couple.

Breadsall Priory Marriot Hotel, Derbyshire.

What Breadsall Priory Marriot can offer you?

Luxury residence set in 300 acres of idyllic Derby

Nowhere does the allure of history meet modern comfort more elegantly than at Breadsall Priory Marriott Hotel & Country Club. Enjoy the magnificence of a stately residence dating back to 1260 only 35 minutes from Alton Towers & Chatsworth House. The Priory is adorned by 300 acres of idyllic landscape and two championship golf courses. Swim in our indoor pool, exercise in our three fitness areas or luxuriate in our newly refurbished health spa. As the oldest Marriott hotel worldwide, it is located near Derby on the edge of the Peak District. We offer authentic charm and the finest amenities, including our award-winning Priory Restaurant. Of our 112 Wi-Fi enabled bedrooms, the 12 housed in the original Priory building retain their historic character. Beamed mews accommodations offer ‘farmhouse-style’ rooms, and romantic honeymoon suites overlook the lake and gardens. Visit our beautiful Derby Hotel and discover challenging golf and relaxing spa!

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Memory Box Weddings are specialists in providing wedding videos for your special day in and around the East Midland¬†area. We pride ourselves in offering a personal and professional wedding video service on your special day, capturing the magic for you to enjoy time and again. There are somethings that a video can do that Photography can not. Like capturing that loved one’s speech or Granddad dancing with his Granddaughter.

Contact us for our deals and promotions.

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Rhea & Matt Norwood Park

The first time I met Rhea was in Costa Coffee way back in Feb 2014…¬†a family friend had recommended our work to them.

Rhea knew exactly what she wanted and was impressed enough with our Video that she wanted the full coverage package.

So 16 months later we headed to the beautiful venue at Norwood Park – where I was met by the excited couple. We had a wonder of the ground and well I will let the photo’s tell the rest…

Norwood Hall Matt & Rhea
Norwood Hall Matt & Rhea

Norwood Hall Matt & Rhea
Norwood Hall Matt & Rhea


Norwood Hall Matt & Rhea
Norwood Hall Matt & Rhea


We had planned to shoot the weekend before however with the torrential rain… I was so glad we rearranged. There is plenty of room for Rhea and Matt’s guests to chill out or even go for a wonder to walk off Wedding Cake. With small benches dotted around it truly is a romantic venue.

Norwood Park is a tranquil haven set within over 100 acres of ancient parkland. This restful and secluded location makes it the perfect wedding venue in Nottingham.

The House itself, overlooking the lake and apple orchards, was built in 1764 and was, at the time of its completion, as it is now, one of the great houses of the county of Nottinghamshire.

Norwood Park, home to the Starkey family for five generations, is not open to the general public, allowing guests to enjoy the privacy of this beautiful period home in complete privacy. All events at Norwood are exclusive use only. (taken from the website).



With the lake in the back ground it made for a nice back drop. Rhea and Matt were up for a laugh which made it more fun to photograph.



























for those that are driving in on the day turn into Golf Club entrance and turn right after the golf club. Keep driving straight as the grounds are hidden by huge trees as the road forks left and right take the left hand lane. Turn right at the end of the drive and then you will find the grounds car park.


We can not wait to capture the day in both photo and video – it will simply look amazing.

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Photography by Craig Newson


Norwood Park Weddings.

Jo & Mike engagement shoot

Engagement shoot at Nottingham Castle.

This weekend brings our eagerly awaited wedding in Thoresby on Saturday. I was lucky enough to be recommended by a friend of mine to Jo and Mike who quickly booked us in for photo and video.

Mike proposed to Jo just over a year ago at Nottingham Castle so it was fitting place to capture a few pictures before the big day. Both live and work in London but are coming back to the Midlands to share the big day with friends and family. We can not wait to document it.

Here is a short glimpse of some of my favorite shots on the day in which both Mike and Jo were great fun during the engagement shoot. Making each other laugh throughout the day which made it even more enjoyable for me.

They both had a clear idea of what they wanted and such a fantastic location to visit. engagement shoot engagement shoot engagement shoot engagement shoot

engagement shoot engagement shoot


It has only been year since Mike proposed in full view of the castle. They don’t believe in holding back. Roll on Saturday as I have a feeling it is going to be epic.

He is Nottingham Forest fan to boot. Come on you reds!


Engagement shoot Images are copy right of Memory Box Weddings. Please contact us for use of any of the pictures on this site.

Photographer – Craig

Engagement shoot

Location -Nottingham Castle

Dan, Craig & Clare and are Photography and Video specialists based in Nottingham. We are passionate about creating gorgeous wedding photography and Video for lovely people.
Our approach is simply this… to tailor make each couples special day to tell the story the way they want it to be told. No matter what the style or taste.
We’re friendly, relaxed, fun people and our personalities extend into how we work as wedding photographers.
With this in mind, you’ll not find us taking over your wedding day. Instead, we take a lot of pride in delivering seamless cover of your entire day, capturing relaxed, natural, and beautiful photographs of the two of you, your guests, and all the details that you’ve spent a lot of time on. Engagement shoot at Nottingham.



Jess & Callam, Cotgrave Golf Course Wedding

These images are from Jess & Callam’s Wedding at Cotgrave golf course in Nottingham. Taken by Dan Lord. This was a relaxed, family orientated wedding.

Jess’s¬†dress had amazing lace detail and Callam¬†had the sharpest¬†of blue suits on, both of which looked wonderful in the beautiful backdrop.

jess and callam wedding
Jess and Callam

© Memoryboxweddings
© Memoryboxweddings


Chill time after the ceremony. © Memoryboxweddings
Chill time after the ceremony. © Memoryboxweddings

Scroll along the photo’s at the top of the page and don’t miss out on other Blogs and Weddings we have Covered. We can not wait to bring you more this Summer.

All the best, Clare, Dan & Craig.

Pictures taken at Cotgrave Golf Course Wedding.

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  Cotgrave Golf Course Wedding Рyou can check the venue out @

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Jo & Mark Engagement shoot

I have known Jo for a few years now and I was over the moon when she asked the team and I to capture her wedding on our full Photography and film Package.

I know it is cheesy but these guys just belong together. Whilst on the engagement shoot Mark and Jo were giggling all the way through. I enjoyed the day just as much as they did. Especially as the sun was out and the visit to the venue was just perfect.

Mark was busy making Jo laugh, it gave me chance to capture some nice warm shots

…case and point…


This will be our second wedding at Goosedale. It is simply a stunning venue. Jo was telling me how she had struggled with her first venue and stumbled across Goosedale. Both are going to be so happy with the views and cool places we are going to take photos.

Jo&Mark Goosedale Papplewick Weddings
The light was bright, sun flares all around

Jo&Mark Wedding Photography
…did I say it was Sunny?

I really enjoyed the day and I am sure Jo & Mark did too as I left them to discuss the wedding music, especially the first dance song.

At the gates of Goosedale

Looking forward for the big day. Thank you for choosing us again.

Contact us for availability. We cover Nottingham and around the Midlands. Quote Jo&Mark for £50 discount on booking.

Jo & Mark engagement shoot with Memory Box Weddings. We will be covering both photography and film.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend.